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Alumigraphics® Line

  • Alumigraphics GRIP
    Non-skid print media for asphalt, brick and concrete walkways.

Alumigraphics® SMOOTH
Exterior brick, stucco and cement walls.

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AlumiGraphics® GRIP...Up Close

GRIP Close Up

Notice the unique non-skid surface and aluminum substrate. These materials, along with our specially formulated adhesive, combine to stand up to harsh weather conditions. When installed as directed, material can last for months outdoors!

Another notable feature of AlumiGraphics® GRIP is the reflective quality on any area left unprinted. The reflected light is especially noticeable when placed under bright lights or when lights shine against decals in unlit demonstrated in the photo below.


AlumiGraphics® GRIP Suggested Applications

Below are photographs of sidewalk foil decals printed from AlumiGraphics® GRIP media. Note the various surfaces they're applied to. Also important to note are the custom-cut shapes - AlumiGraphics® can be cut with ease using scissors, die-cutters or plotter-cutters. Images look like they're painted directly to the surface they're applied to - turns ordinary concrete into brilliant concrete graphics and turns asphalt into works of art! And remember, AlumiGraphics® GRIP surpasses anti-slip safety standards, both when wet or dry.  

AlumiGraphics® GRIP Photo Gallery

  • Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Entrances & Vestibules
  • Stairs, Aisles & Rows
  • Elevator & Escalator Entries
  • Parking Spaces & Curbs
  • Patios & Courtyards
  • Factory & Warehouse
  • Concourse & Landings
  • Exterior Walls & Facades

Why AlumiGraphics® GRIP Over Other Outdoor Graphic Materials?

  • Rugged aluminum foil base material conforms and holds to the texture of the surface its applied to

  • High Durability - holds up to heavy pedestrian traffic, rolling vehicle and all types of weather

  • Wider material for better yeild - 53" of completely usable space for edge-to-edge printing capability

  • Print direct to the anti-slip surface - NO OVER-LAMINATES

  • Unique high friction surface provides exceptional anti-slip stability that meets Occupational Health and Safety standards in both dry and wet conditions

  • Reflective surface makes graphics highly visible at night

  • For use on large format digital prints: UV curable, latex and solvent...even screen printing!

  • Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive perfectly balances strength and tack

  • Simple peel and stick installation, just sweep and press on

  • Typically no residue remains on the surface with peel-off removal

  • Environmentally friendly - no PVC or hazardous ingredients, dispose with aluminum recycling

  • Simply a better value...lower price point than alternatives without sacrificing quality

  • Made in the USA

AlumiGraphics by FloorSignage - 6264 Proprietors Rd., Worthington, OH 43085, US
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